Houston Foreclosure Defense Lawyers

In record numbers, people throughout the Greater Houston area and across Texas have found themselves unable to make mortgage payments. Your home may have dramatically declined in value. Your loan terms may be very unfavorable. Many homeowners have second mortgages and are burdened by a lot of other debts. If you are facing the threat or reality of foreclosure, there is no time to lose in getting trustworthy legal advice.

Do You Want To Avoid Or Stop Foreclosure? Bankruptcy May Be The One Workable Solution.

If you were able to pay the full amount necessary to bring your mortgage current, you would almost certainly have done that. A loan modification is rarely achievable once you are already behind. For many clients we meet, filing bankruptcy is the one way to save the home. Our metro Houston attorneys for foreclosure defense through bankruptcy will:

  • Conduct a thorough analysis of what you owe, your income and other factors to help you decide whether staying in your home is a realistic goal.
  • Take prompt, decisive action for you if a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing will enable you to save your home. We may be able to stop foreclosure at any point prior to the day of the foreclosure sale.
  • Advise you honestly about what a bankruptcy filing may accomplish for you — such as gaining up to five years to catch up and the "stripping" of a second mortgage if possible — as well as obligations you must meet if you file.

At the Guzman Law Firm, we practice bankruptcy law and present foreclosure defense strategies with integrity. We will understand how important it is for you to save your home. If the math doesn't work, we will tell you so. In that case, or if you are not yet in foreclosure, we will also help you consider other options such as a Chapter 7 filing to eliminate other debts.

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The most common mistake people make when foreclosure is looming is to put off asking a qualified lawyer for advice. While we respond actively to financial emergencies, we would prefer to help you prevent one. For a free consultation to discuss your debt relief options, contact our long-standing, respected law firm today.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.