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    • Credit Card Holders May Be Affected by a Hike in Interest Rates

      As Texas residents may know, an interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve may have a serious impact on credit card debt . Many analysts believe the rate will rise by 0.25 percent in September 2015. ...

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    • 5 Ways to Avoid Debt

      How Do You Avoid Debt? The easiest way of dealing with debt is by avoiding it. By not entering into a problem, you can avoid the trouble of finding a solution for it. But avoiding debt can be hard, ...

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    • When to Refinance Credit Card Debt

      Texas consumers should always consider all relevant factors before refinancing their credit card debt . The most important factor is whether they will continue to accumulate more debt in the future. ...

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    • The Effects of Medical Debt on Credit

      Do Medical Bills Affect Credit Score? Texas residents may wonder how unpaid medical bills might affect their credit. Some experts advise that if medical bills are in dispute, it is best to pay them ...

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    • Stay Connected with Guzman Law Firm

      Facing bankruptcy issues can be incredibly stressful. Many people think that bankruptcy is the worst thing that can happen when handling financial struggles. However, declaring bankruptcy does not ...

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    • Citibank to Pay Consumers $700 million

      Texas residents who have ever held a Citibank credit card account may be getting a check in the mail or a statement credit on their account. On July 21, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ...

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    • Supreme Court Upholds Consent Jurisdiction for Bankruptcy Cases

      The Supreme Court ruled on May 29 that bankruptcy judges, in Texas and across the U.S., may issue final orders and judgments if the parties to the action consent to the bankruptcy court's ...

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